Diet plan of Mojtaba Notarki and many more information about his body achievements.

What’s up guys this is  Dheeraj  (  Varun  raj  ) welcome back and today I am going to tell about the diet plan of the very popular personality Mojtaba Notarki .

So guys as we know that Mojtaba Notarki is very famous Athlete , brand ambassador of many companies business and  fitness icon. We also known that his physique is wonderful. He is the star and fitness icon in whole world. He follows a good diet and exercise plan. So today we will know all about him.

If we want have a well build physique so we have to focus on our diet, exercise and sleep and the most important thing is diet which is difficult to manage. Many people think that supplements and exercise if enough to build a good physique but there is nothing like this. Diet is most important for a well build physique.


  • WBPF World Championships, 1st — Men Bodybuilding 100kg+ 2012.
  • Asian Championships, 4th — Men Bodybuilding 100kg+ 2009.
  • World Championships, 5th — Men Bodybuilding 100kg 2008.



Weight :- 225 – 235lbs (102.1 – 106.6kg)

Height :- 5’8 inches.

Chest :- 52 inches.

Waist :- 31 inches.

Bicep :- 19 inches.



Mojtaba’s diet is all about fueling his body with healthy calories. This includes getting enough protein to grow his muscles, carbohydrates to have the energy for workouts, and good fats to support his hormones and general health.

Naturally, Mojtaba will reduce his calories from carbs when he wants to get leaner. He’ll also cut back on fats as they’re very calorie-dense. In terms of supplements, he might increase his vitamin D3, zinc, and magnesium as this helps to keep his testosterone levels high and preserves muscle during a cut.

In Mojtaba Notarki diet protein is high in on session and carbs and fats are Moderate so that why he looks always so muscular.

So guys these are some information about Mojtaba Notarki diet plan if you wana try these meals so you can adjust according to your weight. I hope you understood everything and for next or more information related to health keep visiting on this website.

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