What’s up guys this is Dheeraj  (  Varun  raj  )  Welcome back and today I am going to tell about the diet plan of ROCK.

As we know that Rock is a very famous actor, bodybuilder, wrestler, television host and business man. But we see that among these all he manage his body because of a good diet plan and exercise.

The Rock goes to gym 2 times a day. But I will recommend you go to gym according to your body requirement. we will know that what is the diet plan of Rock in Herculaneum movie and these meals are devised into 7 meals And are very clean

If we want have a well build physique so we have to focus on our diet, exercise and sleep and the most important thing is diet which is difficult to manage. Many people think that supplements and exercise if enough to build a good physique but there is nothing like this. Diet is most important for a well build physique.



Height :- 6 ft 2½ inch.

Weight :- 119 kg.

Bicep :- 20 inch.

Chest :- 46 inch.

So let’s get to know about rock diet plan.

MEAL NO. 1 ( 7 AM breakfast )

6 eggs whites, 300 gm of red meat or chicken breast.

MEAL NO. 2 ( 9 AM )

Chicken  breast 200 gm, broccoli 1 cup and rise 1 cup.

MEAL NO. 3 ( 1 PM )

Fish 200 gm, 1 cup rise, 1 cup beans.

MEAL NO. 4 ( 3 PM )

Chicken breast 200g, brocoli 1 cup,  potato 200g.

MEAL NO. 5 ( 5 PM )

200 gm potato, 200 gm red meat.

MEAL NO. 6 ( 6 PM )

200 gm fish, 1 cup rise,  1 cup asparagus.

MEAL NO. 7 ( 9 Pm )

10 egg whites and one scoop of whey protein.

So guys these are some information about the rock diet plan if you wana try these meals so you can adjust according to your weight. I hope you understood everything and for next or more information related to health keep visiting on this website


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